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We have purchased BikeLugs.com!

by Tony Tapay June 16, 2017

As many of you may know, a number of months ago we started offering fork crowns and other items designed by Kirk Pacenti. Well, we are pleased to announce that Framebuilder Supply is now the permanent home for these items. We have purchased Bikelugs.com as well as the production rights, molds, and tooling for the framebuilding products designed by Kirk Pacenti.

We reached out to Kirk a few years ago to inquire about his interest in exiting the framebuilding market and his intent to refocus his business on more standard consumer products: rims, tires, that sort of thing. Since then we remained in contact and the deal we just completed started to take form. In the course of that conversation, we started carrying some of the products from Bikelugs.com and they’ve been very successful. We’re deeply honored to be trusted by Kirk to take over the framebuilding portion of his business. He has quite the legacy in the cycling world, and everywhere we turn, people have nothing but good things to say about his products. We're stoked!

Kirk seems happy too. He wrote, "After 16 years in the framebuilding supply business, I wanted to focus my energies on other facets of the bicycle industry, but I didn’t want the Bikelugs.com line of components to simply go away. Among the few reliable suppliers out there, Framebuilder Supply is best positioned to take these components to the next level. I hope by adding these items to their expanding catalog, Framebuilder Supply will continue to grow and be of service to the custom framebuilding community for many years to come."

Tony Tapay
Tony Tapay


Co-conspirator at Framebuilder Supply

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