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    Columbus have developed super-light tube sets for the greatest champions: Coppi, Anquetil, Baldini, Rivière, Bracke, Ritter, Merckx, Moser, Oersted. Intelligent experimentation and technological progress continues to be the focus of the Columbus.

    Below is information on Columbus tubes that some might find informative.

    Cromor - 25CrMo4 steel, welded and cold drawn, butted to variable thicknesses using shaped mandrills. Cromor steel is produced starting from a calibrated tube which has already received two drawing processes, before being reinforced in all the possible variable thickness offered by the range. Mechanical characteristics: UTS=750MPa, Ys=700MPa, Ap5 ≥ 12% Suggested material for TIG welding: OK TIGROD 13.12 (AWS 5.28 ER 80S-G) Suggested material for brazing: Castoline Silver Alloy 38230

    Zona, 29r and FAT - 25CrMo4 seamless steel: the chemical composition of this steel, specifying a higher percentage of Chromium, gives to the material good resistance properties to overheating. The formation of carbides prevents the grain enlargement: the steel maintains its properties during brazing and welding, even in the malleable raw state it features excellent mechanical characteristics. Mechanical characteristics: UTS=800MPa, Ys=760MPa, Ap5 =12% Suggested filler material for TIG welding: OK TIGROD 13.12 (AWS 5.28 ER 80S-G)

    Spirit, Spirit HSS, SL and Life - Niobium is a special steel with Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Molybdenum and Niobium. In this Columbus’s special chemical composition, the effects of strengthening for precipitation and alloy-grain reduction are incredibly enhanced if compared to standard steels thanks to the Niobium that acts as an alloy-strengthening agent. After specific processes of progressive drawing and forming, Niobium undergoes a special heat treatment that gives the steel its final characteristics. It is a steel designed to provide superior mechanical characteristics and higher resistance to environmental effects than conventional Cro-Mo steels. Niobium is for top-of-the-line competition frames, where lightweight and reliability are essential. Mechanical characteristics: UTS: 1050÷1150 MPa, Ys = 750MPa, Ap5 >14%. Material suggested for TIG welding: OKTIGROD 13.12 (AWS 5.28 ER 80S-G)

    XCr stainless steel tubes are seamless, made starting from a solid billet, machine-perforated and cold drawn countless times, to obtain the final required thickness. In this way the very high mechanical characteristics are uniform and constant in the whole round section of the tube. Thanks to the special chemical composition of this new alloy, the grain structure is not altered by welding during the frame construction. The maximum characteristics are granted also in the joint areas. Mechanical characteristics: UTS: 1350-1250MPa Ys:1000-900MPa, Ap5: >10% Suggested filler material for TIG welding: APX4S Suggested material for brazing: T99 (ag 56% Cu 22% - Zn 17%)

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