Who are we?

Framebuilder Supply began as a collaboration between Mike Cobb and Tony Tapay. Tony's background includes industrial design, framebuilding, and teaching at the United Bicycle Institute. Mike has done product design with Rivendell, Xtracycle, Yuba, Metrofiets, Ruckus, and TiCycles. Even with 40 years of bike industry experience between them, Mike and Tony were still hungry to learn more every day and create their own niche in the always evolving bicycle landscape. And thus Framebuilder Supply was born!

Framebuilder Supply is based in Portland, Oregon where we have access to a wealth of experienced and influential custom bicycle framebuilders, many of whom we've known as friends, associates, and co-workers for years. It was through conversations with this de facto focus group that we discovered a desire for a streamlined selection of bicycle framebuilding offerings from a nimble supplier, able to respond to the needs of small-scale framebuilders who are pursuing new as well as newly rediscovered genres, all available on a state-of-the-art mobile-optimized website. This was the inspiration for Framebuilder Supply.

We offer Columbus tubing, as well as lugs, fork crowns, drop-outs, and braze-ons from Allotec and fork crowns designed by Kirk Pacenti. We also carry flux, brazing rod & wire, and welding rod. Take a look under consumables and you’ll see Harris' 50N, 56% silver, and white flux, as well as Gasflux's C-04 nickel bronze brazing rods (1/16” and 3/32”) and their fluxes for silver and bronze. From Weld Mold we have 880 welding rod in .035" and .045". If you're a TIG welder and haven't tried 880, you really should; it's great stuff. From 3M, we offer 314D shop abrasive rolls. We also offer our own products made right here in the Portland area: rack tabs and brackets for tail lights with 50mm bolt spacing, like the Supernova E3 tail light.

Down the road, we intend to expand our offerings to include carbon fiber and carbon fiber related items for the growing carbon bicycle framebuilding movement. At this time we have no plans to carry items specific to aluminum or titanium framebuilding.

With Framebuilder Supply up and running, Mike has flown the coop to spend some time on adventures on two wheels. Tony is now head chef and bottle washer and trying his best to deal with all the supply issues we're experiencing these days.

Thanks from Framebuilder Supply!