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Cool & Helpful Links

This page will start small and grow over time. If you know of links to cool and/or helpful information or videos, let us know!


As we've mentioned elsewhere on our site, Sheldon Brown was the man. His site is still a repository of more bike knowledge than most of us will ever know.

Basic thread concepts specific to bikes, courtesy of Park Tools. It is helpful to know that you'll often see bolts or threads referred to as M5, M6, or M-whatever. The M refers to metric.

A whole bunch of fork industry numbers. Rake, axle to crown numbers, etc. It's more than a bit outdated now, but it might still be useful.

Shimano 2015-16 frame requirements: Part 1 & Part 2

Here's an information-rich wiki created by Peter Verdone.

Speaking of Peter Verdone; his site is great.

What happens when we forget what we thought we knew
Pink Five - A bike for his girlfriend
The right way to build and spec bent seat tubes

Check out Pithy Bikes YouTube channel. Seriously. Steve's got a bucket of awesome going on over there.

For a bunch of frame jig options, see our page "What do I need to build my first frame?"

Peloton has a nice couple of articles on frames and materials. Onetwo, and three.

Speaking of Peloton, they've got some nice profiles of a couple of Oregon's finest, Tony Pereira (one and two), now teamed with Ira Ryan at Breadwinner.

We can't mention everyone, but we also want to give a shout-out to:

The awesome but lesser known Bob Kamzelski of Bantam Bicycles. He's a bike builders' bike builder.

Starmichael over at Norther Cycles is killing it with 650B conversions and classic Randonneur bikes with all the racks, etc.

Mr. Love and Fury himself and possessor of the coolest headbadge in the industry, Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles.

The nicest builder you'll ever meet, Christopher Igleheart.

Christopher and Joseph have now combined forces in the form of Page Street Cycles.

Are you all about carbon fiber? We love Ruckus Composites! They will bring your injured carbon fiber frame back from the dead! Really, they're amazing folks!