International shipping!

We're in the middle of a pandemic. Please be patient.

Hello UK customers! We are very sorry, but the new rules for shipping to the UK, as well as taxes/fees, have made it prohibitive for us to continue to ship there. We are very sorry for this, but perhaps things will change in the future that will make shipping to the UK a viable option.

We are not responsible for taxes/duties and fees that may delay or prevent delivery of your order. We will not mislabel your order as a gift nor will we adjust the declared value of your items to lower taxes or tariffs. Please understand your local laws as they relate to orders and their associated taxes/duties and fees before placing your order.

Currently we ship worldwide using the United States Postal Service. We have used DHL in the past and hope to bring them back in the future. If your shipping charge seems too high, please let us know and we'll double check the estimate.