Where can I learn to build a frame?

Your options for learning how to build a frame are wide open. You can piece together an education from books, the many random videos on YouTube, and bribing or hiring your local builder. You can also spring for the tuition at a full-on frame building school. Some people combine some of these by learning general welding or brazing at a local community college and then fine tuning that with bike specific information from various sources.

The following are a few of the more reputable sources for framebuilding knowledge out there:

The Bicycle Academy - England

BREW Bikes - North Carolina

Metal Guru (Carl from Vicious Cycles) - New York

Yamaguchi Bicycles - Colorado

Dave Bohm - Arizona

Framebuilding 101 by (Paul Brodie) - BC, Canada

Doug Fattic (dougfattic@qtm.net) - Michigan