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Columbus Cromor fork blades - 28x19 oval - .9 wall - length = 390

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sku # FB-CRMI16V1

- Sold as a pair -

Columbus Cromor fork blades - .9 wall - length = 390

24 OD is pressed into 28x19 oval. Steel.

Please understand that almost all fork blades require some nudging to have them match up to a fork crown. A vise with wood block pads works well. Gently compressing the longer portion, or major axis of the oval will reduce that dimension and expand the smaller, minor axis and vice versa.

391g (pair) - Weight is based on a representative pair. Actual weight may vary slightly. Imported.

Please see tube graphic (in the image gallery for this product) as a guide for the following specs.

OD=24  W=.9  LT=290  TD=12.5