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Columbus Cromor Rando fork blades - 28x19 oval - .9 wall - length = 450

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sku # FB-CRMI16V1450

- Sold as a pair -

Columbus Cromor Rando fork blades, steel - .9 wall - length = 450

Fork blade with 24 OD is pressed into 28x19 oval.

These Rando blades, ordered from Columbus to our spec, have 20mm added to the top of the blade and 40mm added to the tip, past the taper. The 20mm added to the top allows you to tune the blade for a heavier rider by trimming off more of the taper for a beefier blade. The 40mm added to the tip allows you to trim off the straight portion invariably left by the bender, leaving you with a beautiful curved end and plenty of taper. Or you can keep that added tip, trim off more of the top and get a fork that's more responsive. In other words, it's a highly tunable blade.

Hat tip to Hahn Rossman of Bicycle Quarterly (if you don't subscribe, you should) who originally got the concept for this blade rolling.

**** These blades are NOT a good choice if you want to build a fork with our lug style dropout. When using lug style dropouts, you trim the tip of the blade until the OD of the tip matches the ID of the dropout socket. With the Rando blades, this would mean trimming off all of the extended tip plus some additional blade. A tab style dropout is what you want to use with this blade.

Please understand that almost all fork blades require some nudging to have them match up to a fork crown. A vise with wood block pads works well. Gently compressing the longer portion, or major axis of the oval will reduce that dimension and expand the smaller, minor axis and vice versa.

442g (pair) - Weight is based on a representative pair. Actual weight may vary slightly. Keep in mind that this fork blade will have more material trimmed off of it than a comparable 390mm length fork blade, so your resulting weight will likely be pretty similar to a 390mm blade. Imported.

Please see tube graphic (in the image gallery for this product) as a guide for the following specs.

OD=24  W=.9  LT=290  TE=40 TD=12.5