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Columbus Spirit for Lugs top tube - 28.6 dia. - .75/.45/.75 - length = 600

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sku # TT-SPLM11600

Spirit for Lugs isn't just for bikes with lugs! The thicker walled ends are just longer than regular Spirit tubes. Many builders like this because it allows these tubes to be used on a wider size range of frames.

Columbus Spirit for Lugs top tube for steel bicycle frames - 28.6 diameter - .75/.45/.75 wall thickness. Length = 600

239g - Weight is based on a representative tube. Actual weight may vary slightly.

Please see tube graphic (in the image gallery for this product) as a guide for the following specs.

OD=28.6  W1=.75  WC=.45  W2=.75  L1=100  T1=40  LC=320  T2=40  L2=100