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Rack tabs, untrimmed for M5 and M6 bolts - 10 pack

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M5 rack tabs = sku # RT-FS-M5
M6 rack tabs = sku # RT-FS-M6

As popular as our pre-cut rack tabs have been, we still heard from builders who wanted more options.

The M5 rack tabs are similar to our pre-trimmed versions, but with more material, they leave you with more options for customization.

The M6 rack tabs are made with brake mounted racks or heavy duty racks in mind. We give you plenty of length to bend them or shape them however you want.

M5 - 11mm x 25.75mm
M6 - 13mm x 37.3mm

M5 = 6g each
M6 = 10g each
Weights are based on representative samples. Actual weights may vary slightly.

Made in Oregon from .120" (just shy of 1/8") cold-rolled steel. These rack tabs come in packs of 10.