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Rack tabs for forks without bosses - 9mm solid axle and QR

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9mm axles - sku # RT-FS-9M
QR axles - sku # RT-FS-QR

Born from our desire to build porteur racks for our own less-than-ideal stock forks, these rack tabs are helping racks happen and gaining fans. 

The 9mm rack tabs are for wheels with nut on (aka bolt on) 9mm front axles. You may need to go without a washer or with a thinner washer to make sure you have enough thread engagement.

The QR rack tabs are for QR wheels. You may need to get a longer QR skewer to maintain the needed thread engagement. 

The shapes are such that they nest inside lawyer tabs, meaning they should require no grinding or modification to make them work.

9mm = 35g per pair
QR = 37g per pair

Weight is based on a representative sample. Actual weight may vary slightly. Imported.

Made in Oregon from .120" (just shy of 1/8") cold-rolled steel. These rack tabs are sold in pairs.