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Vertical modular dropouts only (black and silver)

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Vertical dropouts only (black) - sku # RD-C41-B
Vertical dropouts only (silver) - sku # RD-41-S

This is a great system for building a versatile bike. Presto chango!

We also offer this system as a complete set. Buy a complete set and a pair of horizontal or thru-axle dropouts. Vertical now, horizontal or thru-axle later. Options!

The steel receivers are the foundation of this system. They are what you weld or braze into the frame. We only sell the dropouts as pairs so we can't sell you just a drive-side dropout with the hanger as a spare.

The aluminum dropouts bolt into the receiver (bolts included with complete sets and with dropouts).

The steel receivers are 20mm wide where the stays would be welded or brazed.

Make sure you understand how these parts work together before you start welding or brazing. Measure 3 times, cut/weld/braze once. Figure out your disc tab placement early on too.

Vertical dropouts (with bolts) = 76g
Weight is based on representative samples. Actual weight may vary slightly. Imported.